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20 Pegasi Ave, Hope Valley SA 5090

Welcome to the Website of North East Tennis Association (NETA), an association of tennis clubs promoting the game in the North Eastern region of Adelaide, South Australia.

Senior Tennis

Senior Saturday Afternoon Competition - 2019/2020
(NETA/EDTA Combined Senior Teams)

Dates for Senior Matches for 2019/2020 are October 12th to December 14th,(10 matches)
then February 1st to February 29th (5 matches).
March 7th is Adelaide Cup long weekend (no matches),
and a 3 week finals - March 14th, 21st and 28th.

Senior Saturday Afternoon Competition - 2019/2020

Clubs will provide at least 1.33 courts/match.
Singles competition: consists of four(to eight men)
or four (to eight)ladies playing doubles and singles(9 game sets).
Doubles competition: consists of four to eight men
or four to eight ladies playing (2 * 9, and 4 * 6 games sets).
Mixed only Competition: Teams mays consist of up to 3 Male and 3 female players.
Rotation 1: Mens Rubber: 2 x 6 game sets, Womens Rubber: 2 x 6 game sets.
Rotation 2: Mixed Rubber: 1 x 9 game set - M1 & W1 v M1 & W1, M2 & W2 v M2 & W2
Rotation 3: Mixed Rubber: 1 x 9 game set - M1 & W2 v M1 & W2, M2 & W1 v M2 & W1
NETA 2018/2019 consisted of 2 divisions of ladies and 6 divisions of men in the singles competition, mens doubles had 3 divisions and the ladies 1 division.
There are also teams from member Clubs playing in State League and Metro League.

Tennis SA will run the Summer Saturday senior competition in Season 2019/2020.

Tennis SA - NETA/EDTA Information

Information from Tennis SA on 2019/20 Season

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